Choosing a recruitment agency to sign up with can be a big commitment, choosing the wrong one can be a waste of your time, which is why we have listed below reasons why Cobham Consulting should be your agency of choice. 

Feedback from candidates
Results from survey carried out in October 2018


“Relaxed, helpful and lots of information given”

“Tailor made to the possible positions available for me”


Everyone is an individual

Providing a 5* service is of the upmost importance to us. The team will always cater their resources to enable you to be the most successful. Before an interview a member of the team will call you to assist with your preparations. The consultant will give you insight into the structure of the interview and will be able to tell you about your interviewers. Our goal is to assist you to be the most successful, this may be through running a practice face-to-face interview with you or just helping you streamline your interview questions on the telephone.  Your success is our top priority. 

Job Alerts
Once signing up to Cobham Consulting you will start to receive email alerts about relevant positions. You will also have access to our social media pages which detail our active vacancies and what the team have been up to, giving you a better insight to our organisation.  

Never give up

Even if we are not successful on the first hit, we will continuously try to find you employment be it temporary or permanent positions and are always available to discuss new opportunities.