Our book recommendation is “Work Like a Woman” - a fabulous book written by Mary Portas about being yourself!

Our favourite part was about bringing your whole self to work and building a team - it used an example of a football manager and a former army battalion commander who used Emotional Intelligence at the heart of what they did to build and create a successful and sparky team.

They did this by managing the football team and used a uniquely creative approach to training by exposing their players to culture, including art, theatre and literature and putting them in unfamiliar situations, this helped them to think differently and encourage mental, emotional and physical teamwork.  They showed that by doing this that it inspired the men out of their comfort zone to challenge them to explore different parts of themselves and see what happened.  It worked, the team won the Swedish cup in 2017 - this club was previously a tiny Swedish town and they even beat Arsenal!

Here at Cobham Consulting, we are currently building a new team and with this in mind, we have been to the Opera - ok, we went to a screening of the La Traviata at Chesham - where we could see the mental and physical pain and passion that the opera singer went through to be Violetta but what a performance.  

We have also been to the Recruitment Expo to learn new methods/strategies to make sure Cobham Consulting has the best industry knowledge to provide the best service we can.  To make sure everybody gets the best from this, we will be having a "Lunch and Learn” next Friday so everybody can talk through what they feel could add value to our service.