17 Global Goals what would you choose?

Hemel Hempstead Ambassadors in July had a talk from The Planet Mark – Eden Project. They discussed and introduced us to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which has been produced by UN agencies, governments, businesses and civil society to compact issues such as poverty, hunger, health, work, economic growth, clean water, education and life below water.


Looking at these 17 global goals it got me thinking - I printed off the pictorial goals and wanted Cobham Consulting to participate and do our bit for the planet.



I felt it was important to focus on one that is close to our hearts, it had to be education, as good education leads you to be able to undertake more challenging and better paid employment.  The objectives of the Education Goal include making sure by 2030 there is equal access to all women and men, affordable and quality technical, vocation and tertiary education including university across the world.  


So if you are interested in getting involved in the Global Goals please see their website www.global.goals.org  you can click in to the sectors and this gives you the opportunity to support and get involved in this fantastic global initiative.  We have listed how Cobham Consulting is playing its part over the next 6 months:


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