Our client is an expert Electrical Engineering organisation and they are in search of a Production Engineer to join their operations team to support them with the planning, design, setup and manufacturing processes for competent, quality standard, and cost effective production.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Construct shop floor layouts to allow effective stream of product through assembly processes. Effective at improving waste reduction, value added stages and skilled in developing VSM’s.
  • Able to communicate with all departments, throughout the production lifecycle, to ensure competent development, manufacture and delivery of products to clients.
  • Able to implement process control techniques into manufacturing environments, including Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement techniques
  • Evaluating manufacturing process flows for the improvements of quality and cost reduction
  • Examine and keep up to date with trends at national and international level in the manufacturing industry to improve manufacturing processes and capability.
  • Specification, procurement, introduction new production equipment and processes.
  • Construct and maintain detailed process documentation and assembly instructions to ensure consistent quality standards are preserved throughout manufacturing processes.
  • Support with the training of production operatives in manufacturing processes.
  • Carry out risk assessments of all related production processes and procedures.