We are looking for someone who loves connecting with the outside World, has an interest in technology (App), talent management and client relationship. We are looking for an enthusiastic, incredibly organised and responsible candidate who is able to work under pressure. Someone who can work in a very fast paced environment. 

If you consider you are the right candidate, you will be punctual and support your team every day at the office as your attendance is key to the success of your team. 

You must interact every day with your Talent and clients in the entertainment industry. You must understand the client needs and must train the Talent, guide them, improve their performance and discipline during the job every month. This would be an ideal role for someone proactive; critical and analytic thinking; able to solve problems; eager for learning and being expert at client project management; be able to implement new strategies to improve the efficiency and Talent performance. 


  • Calling and meeting the Talent to guide them
  • Giving the Talent continuous feedbacks, chasing Talent.
  • Organising activities, schedules, confirmation, replacements.
  • Implementing new strategies to solve problems and train talent
  • Taking full responsibility of the Talent performance.
  • Being always up to date with the improvements on the client App and being able to explain it to the Talent.
  • Identifying new job opportunities, ways to generate more income.
  • Direct Marketing Sales (Sales Emails to find new briefs - Calls - Cold Calling)
  • Sending suggestions to clients, chasing, getting feedback, pushing and replacing Talent.
  • Taking briefs from clients and selecting the best Talent to ensure the greatest success of their project.
  • Building and maintaining relationships in the long term with clients to ensure a steady flow of briefs and opportunities for the Talent.
  • Keep the database updated with appointments and jobs, invoices, notes, Talent details.
  • Checking emails after working hrs, sporadically if something urgent. 


Must be confident & comfortable on the phone and training Talent. Must be discipling to do calls and managing many Talent on a daily basis. 


  • Leadership
  • Positive
  • Self-motivated
  • Proactive
  • Detailed and organised
  • Very good attitude and positive
  • Work under pressure
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to Prioritize Efficiently
  • Excellent Typing and Computer Skills
  • Good Communication Skills 

Salary: £22,000pa 


Hours in the Office: Mondays to Fridays   - 10AM to 6PM (1 hr lunch break, unpaid)

Hours at home: 5 hrs a week (evening/weekend).